Enable and disable input field using check box in

<tr> <td>As a result of your injury, have you had any other expenses? : <input type="radio" ng-model="new_account" name="register" id="radio_new_account" ng-value="true" />Yes <input type="radio" ng-model="new_account" name="register" id="radio_existing_account" ng-value="false" />No </td> <td> <input type="text" ng-disabled="new_account" id="login-password"  ng-model="password" /></td> </tr> Enable Desable Read More »

Validation in cake php,server side validation in cake php,multiple validation in cakephp

Validation in cake php,server side validation in cake php,multiple validation in cakephp Valation in cakephp, number validation,textarea validation,input field validation, email validation,is unique validation,multiple validation on same field. min length validation,max length validation. step1 create register.ctp <?php Form->create('User',array('type'=>'file','novalidate'=>true,'inputDefaults'=>array())); echo $this->Form->input('f_name',array('label'=>'First Name')); echo $this->Form->input('l_name',array('label'=>'Last Name')); echo $this->Form->input('email'); echo $this->Form->input('password'); ?> Address Form->textarea('address',array('escape'=>false,'label'=>'Address')); echo $this->Form->input('mobile',array('label'=>'Mobile')); echo $this->Form->submit(); echo $this->Form->end(); ?> ‘novalidate’=>true is ... Read More »

Resize Image in php,crop image in php

step1:Create file index.php step2:create a form if(isset($_REQUEST['add'])) { $image =$_FILES["file"]["name"]; if(!empty($image)) { //echo "hello"; error_reporting(0); $change=""; $abc=""; define ("MAX_SIZE","400"); function getExtension($str) { $i = strrpos($str,"."); if (!$i) { return ""; } $l = strlen($str) - $i; $ext = substr($str,$i+1,$l); return $ext; } $errors=0; $image =$_FILES["file"]["name"]; $uploadedfile = $_FILES['file']['tmp_name']; if ($image) { $filename = stripslashes($_FILES['file']['name']); $extension = getExtension($filename); $extension = strtolower($extension); ... Read More »

Configuration of Cakephp, install cakephp

Configure Cakephp, install cakephp, install new cakephp, firststep of cakephp,first part of cake php,basic congiguration of cake php. Configuration of Cakephp,Installation of cakephp. step:1 first download cakephp click <a href=”http://cakephp.com”>Download</a> step:2 After download it past on webroot or htdoc folder, and change the name of project, here is democakephp. step:3 Now run project http://localhost/democakephp/ step:4 go to APP->Config->core.php open core.php ... Read More »

Multi file upload in cakephp

<p>Multiupload file in cakephp,file resize in cakephp,imagecrop in cakephp,multiple file upload in cakephp,multiple resize image in cakephp</p> 1. first create view file and create form category.ctp <?php echo $this->Form->create('Category',array('type'=>'file','novalidate'=>true,'inputDefaults'=>array('div'=>false,'label'=>false)));?> <?php echo  $this->Form->input('category_name',array('class'=>'inp-form'));?> <?php echo  $this->Form->input('category_image',array('type'=>'file','class'=>''));?> <?php echo  $this->Form->submit('Submit',array('class'=>'form-submit'));?> <?php echo  $this->Form->end();?> </div> 2. create a config file in app->config->config.php and set the path of images <div class="code"> <?php $config['ADMIN_PAGINATION'] = ... Read More »

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